Losing devices with ZHA

Strange… I have four of these and they have been the most reliable zigbee devices on my ZHA network, no matter what channel or settings

Same issue here, SML001 loosing Connection. I also have a network with many Router devices. Before it was running on Z2M without any issue. And Yes I can switch back, but would give the Official Skyconnect Dongle and ZHA a go.

Same issue with ZHA here. Some devices drop out of the network.
I also have a SkyConnect dongle, so I wanted to give ZHA a go.
Z2M had no issues (ZZH dongle).
Got 110 devices, and about 60% are router devices.
I´m using the same channel as I did on Z2M.

Is it an issue with SkyConnect, ZHA, or a combination?

There is something going with ZHA - I’ve noticed that simply restarting ZHA solves a lot of glitches.

Tried… Not working :frowning:

It turned out @Hedda was right all along… at least in my case.

There are two version of the Sonoff Zigbee dongle.
The ZBDongle-E and the SkyConnect dongle I used both have the same chip which is newer and supposedly better, but it still has some bugs.
I switched to the older ZBDongle-P controller and everything worked great since.

That Zigbee guide he linked to was also very useful, but initially I didn’t read it as carefully as I should have done.
When they say that Zigbee is very sensitive to interference, they really mean it.
Some steps that turned out to have a significant impact on the Zigbee signal for me were:

  • Use a long USB extension cable to place the Zigbee adapter away from interference and obstacles.
  • Try to place the Zigbee adapter at some distance away from walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • Try to place your Zigbee adapter away from Wi-Fi access points or sources of WiFi.
  • Place Zigbee adapters far away from electrical/power wires/cables, power supplies, and household appliances.
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