Lovelace: custom history graph


Add entity: in front of the entity Id. It should be either a string or a object, not a combination.

Everything that you can do in YAML mode works in the UI editor. There is no functional difference.


That did the trick. Thanks.


Now we’re in browser cross compatibility hell :wink:

The card works perfect in Firefox (64.0.2 64-bits) but it doesn’t work in Chrome (71.0.3578.98 64-bits) on my windows desktop.

It also does’t work in Chrome 71.0.3578.99 or Firefox Beta 65.0b13 on Android 9 december update.

I looked in the javascript console and there are no errors there.

I Googled to see if there were any reports on echart not showing in Chrome but i didn’t find anything relevant.

My first guess is that it’s css related but it’s hard to debug because the html is generated runtime.

Does it work for you in Chrome?


Is it possible to add auto adjustment for yAxis? Now it shows axis from 0. It would be great if we could turn on/off variabled bottom limit.


I don’t really have time for this card, it has not get much attention. I’ll see if I can make some time for it in the coming weeks.