Lovelace: mini graph card


This is with

  - type: custom:mini-graph-card
      - sensor.temperature_sitting
    name: Temp
    #location_icon: left
    #location_state: center
     graph: true
     fill: true
     extrema: true
      - value: 10
        color: "#f39c12"
      - value: 20
        color: "#d35400"
      - value: 21.5
        color: "#c0392b"

Hope this helps.


Fix in place, I’ll make a new release, coming in a few mins, I’ll report when it’s available.



Okay, let’s try again… a few quick fixes and a new style option for the graph fill.


  • New: Parameter fade for show -> fill option, makes the fill fade out

  • Fixed: History entries with null state breaking graph (#46)

  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with the custom swiper-card

  • Fixed: Broken extrema


That was very fast…

You are the Man :stuck_out_tongue:

All works thank you very much. :grinning::grinning:


Thank you,
Although, I shouldn’t have put up the broken release in the first place :wink:


If the issue was the card not taking up the full width, it should be fixed with the latest release v0.2.4



Thanks! That was exactly what I mean in an horrible english :smiley:
Thank you very much!


Thank you also for fixing extrema… I tought i was doing something wrong! :smiley:


Oh, wow. That was fast. I just updated to v0.2.3 and wanted to mention here that the graph didn’t show up anymore, just to see that you already released a bugfix release, really awesome!

It’s working fine now, now that I use v0.2.4. I do have to change some of my threshold colors to make them flow nicely into each other, but I’m really liking this!


I got a new suggestion :slight_smile:
Would be possible on the extrema version to have min and max for each entity?
See screenshot below:

Thanks again


And maybe… the ability to don’t show the dots for the history view? ^^



Sure, I’ll consider it for a future release!

This should already be possible, try:

    points: false


That was clearly me failing on reading the whole documentation rather than you sucking at it! :smiley:


New one! :smiley:
How about move the color definition (including width, threshold and everything related to the color) on the entity definition line rather than the top level configuration.

This way it would be way easier to define colors per-entity and also play around with various threshold and everything else on a per-entity base.

Not sure how hard this would be to implement, I just keep thinking on how improve the view (and the configuration, why not) and this might be very helpful especially for less “coding experienced”



I guess we all miss some things here and there :laughing:

The problem I see with moving everything from the base to the individual entities is that it would be quite annoying having to specify for example line_width for every single entity instead of just once in the base.

It’s a good idea though, maybe move some of the options, or even better, have them available in the entity object as well as in the base. That’s actually what I did with color, you can now set color in the entity object and it will override the color options set in the base.

It would not be hard, just require some additional checks when deciding how and what to render.

I guess we could add width, unit and potentially color_thresholds (this one would require most work) to the entity object.

What do you think?


I think you do actually have a point, maybe leave the “general” one so that are sort of “baseline” if nothing different is specified on a per-entity base.

That will cover the annoying part (well, will remove it for good) and still give a lot of flexibility in terms of per-entity customization :slight_smile:


Can’t make dynamic line color to work:

- type: custom:mini-graph-card
              - entity: sensor.kitchen_humidity
                color: "#0ab4ed"
                name: Humidity
                show_state: true
            icon: fas:tint
            hours_to_show: 24
            hour24: true
            font_size: 90
            decimals: 1
            animate: true
              - value: 20
                color: "#f39c12"
              - value: 21
                color: "#d35400"
              - value: 21.5
                color: "#c0392b"

What do I miss?


I think it might be because you also have a color set in the entity definition, try to remove it from there.


yeah specifying colour overides the thresholds.


Yes! That’s it. Thank you guys.