Lovelace: Mini Media Player


New version: v0.8.9


I think the artwork issue is something inherent in the way that HA grabs the stream. If I ask my Google Home to stream a radio station to a media player, the mini media player will show the artwork, artist, song etc. but if I use my radio station streaming code within HA to just grab the stream, there is no artwork or artist / song info displayed…


Maybe the streams don’t even provide any metadata?


Maybe… but the same stream has this data if Google grabs it and streams it.


What do you mean, if Google grabs it?


If I use voice and ask a Google Home device “Hey google, stream blah blah from Tune-in radio”, then the mini media player (and also the standard one) will show all the artist / track data, but if I use a link that I obtained for that same stream and send it to the Google Cast device (home or chromecast audio) then that data is not displayed.


Just ran into this, it’s spectacular. Are there rules here about fawning praise posts?


Ok, I would guess that TuneIn probably is responsible for that metadata, and not the actual raw stream.

Haha, thank you! Not that I’ve heard of :wink:


Thanks a lot for such a quick response! I will check a bit later and report.


Thanks a lot once more! Works perfectly!


Perfect, thanks for the feedback!


New version: v0.9.0

  • Added: bundle version, to avoid externally loaded dependency #21

  • Updated: instructions to include bundle instead of source #21

  • Updated: tracker.json with bundle version #21

I recommend everyone to go through the install instructions again. You don’t have to, BUT if you don’t, you’ll continue loading the external dependency.

Bundling the dependencies instead of loading them externally will both make the card load faster and available offline.


Amazing work @kalkih this is really taking shape!

I’ve been playing with TileBoard to setup on a few tablets / phones around the house and this media player being so much better it has made be reconsider at least for the controllers I will largely use for audio!

Great work on this!


Love this and works great! Thanks a lot!

One question - is it possible to hide media information alone? My use case is that I have three Sonos speakers that always are grouped and playing the same thing. Would love to list them with only entity name, mute and volume.



Sure, will add this next update :+1:


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Is it correct that when using: max_volume - it works like a charm, but when clicking the media and the pop up appears, the the max_volume is no longer “set”.


Yes, the more-info dialog is nothing I have control over, it’s part of HA core.


Makes sense…
Just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t implementing it wrong.

Thanks for quick response.


Can you explain a bit more about the consider_idle_after option?

I use my sonos playbar to listen to radio, and because it never turns off, the volume bar is always visible.

Even after enabling the consider_idle_after option in my lovelace ui yaml, after one minute, the volume bar % prev-play-next buttons stays visible.