Lovelace: Mini Media Player

Probably depends on whether the media player supports the join , unjoin services. Do they?

Hi, is there any possibility to make the line of the slider thinner?

Thanks in advance!

did you find a solution for this mate?
I’m using google nests and I’m getting this msg, not sure if I’m doing something wrong

Assuming the Google nest uses the Google cast integration, then it does not support the join or unjoin services.

Yup the Nest definitely uses the Google Cast integration.

That’s a shame, thanks guys

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Correct, but also kinda strange because they DO support it via the Google Home app. I wonder if this is somewhere the Integration can be improved to fix the hole…?

Yep, that would be a FR I think.

I want the entity name dynamic, so I use a input_text. but that does not work

                - entity_id: input_boolean.media_player_ruimte1
                  name: {{ states("input_text.ruimte_1")}}

gives me invalid key: "{'states("input_text.ruimte_1")': None}"

anyone an idea ?

The entity_name of what? entity_name is used in a number of contexts in the docs.

  - type: grid
      - type: entities
          - type: custom:mini-media-player
            group: true
            entity: media_player.oefenzaal_tv
            name: MEDIA PLAYER
            artwork: none
              power: true
              icon: true
              toggle_power: false
              info: true
              volume: true
              group_button: true
            power_color: true
            show_source: true
            expanded: true
              platform: media_player
              sync_volume: false
              show_group_count: false
              expanded: true
              icon: mdi:link
                - entity_id: input_boolean.media_player_ruimte1
                  name: {{ states("input_text.ruimte_1")}}
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This need to be a media player entity. It’s name will start with media_player. You have specified an input boolean, which makes no sense.

I am not sure whether this is templatable. But fix the other problem.

@Faecon It’s not templatable from what I see with the source code.


I am writing code for a media player that is not excisting at the moment. I am renovating a house. When the house is ready, I want to have it running as fast as possible

Well it still won’t be an input boolean.

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Your ability to read .ts files is far superior to mine!

I know that. but when I don’t have a mediaplayer yet I made a helper. this has nothing to do with my question…

And therefore your question has nothing to do with this thread. But I’ll try to help, try single quotes. If that doesn’t work see Templating - Home Assistant

my question has everything to do with this thread… It is the name of an entity of a mini media player that is not ok.
and @LiQuid_cOOled said it is not templatable so my question is answered

Templating was your second line. Putting an input boolean in where you should have a media player is just nonsense.

I suppose you put diesel into your petrol car too.

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