Lovelace: Mini Media Player


Meh, what could this be. That error doesn’t provide much information :slightly_frowning_face:

What browsers are you guys using?
Are you using the bundle version?
Do you get any errors in the browsers console log?

I’ve tried the latest version in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Android Chrome, and can’t reproduce the error.

Could you try clearing cache, restart HA, update the file manually (if you used custom updater) and report back to me?



Ctrl+F5 did the trick for me in Chrome


Using Chrome and Edge. Did the delete and refresh and no more errors. But the full-cover is not working at all.


OK so this is really weird…

The one I got by custom updater looks like this:
crap… can’t show it
I downloaded via win 10 and it looks like this:

Totally different to the normal type js format file.

Anyway, I ended up using the wget from a terminal and downloaded it again and it’s the same.

Not getting any errors but no full-cover artwork either.
If I set artwork: cover it looks like this:

Normal card looks like this:


Okay, what does the card configuration look like for the card you are trying full cover artwork on?

Should look like this:

- entity: media_player.spotify
  type: custom:mini-media-player
  artwork: full-cover

  - entity: media_player.office_speaker
    type: custom:mini-media-player
    group: true
    show_tts: google
    artwork: full-cover
    power_color: true
    scroll_info: true


Yeah, that’s on purpose, the bundle is minified and ran through a compiler for size and compatibility reasons, so it looks a bit weird :slight_smile:


Okay, looks great, I think you might still have the previous version, I just realised the url path in the tracker json wasn’t updated.

Try grabbing the file again, this time from: (direct link).

Then clear cache.


ok I did that but a winmerge on the 2 files show they are identical anyway.


OK Now I’m really confused… it’s working in edge! And also now in chrome!! It’s just a bastard having to clear out settings all the time… logs me out of a bunch of stuff. Anyway thanks!


Awesome, yeah I feel you, it’s annoying,
I’m not sure why the old code still is cached after updating sometimes. Changing the ?v=… part at the end of the resource url should eliminate loading the previous version from cache but it seems pretty hit or miss.


This is awesome, only thing I miss is the possibility of a drop down menu of playlists. Is this possible to implement? :slight_smile:


I still do not understand completely one thing:
in the custom updater now i see there is an update of the mini-media-player-bundle. Is it enough to update this component or i must update also mini-media-player.js from github?


Thanks, I’m not sure what you mean, what type of playlists would that be?
Do you have an example how you handle this now?

The bundle is the only thing you need, if you update the bundle from custom_updater or manually from GitHub doesn’t matter.

The bundle contains the source code for the card as well as some external libraries the card depends on. If you have any other files related to mini media player you can delete them.


Im thinking of changing spotify playlists. A dropdown like the source selection under the player would be awesome. Today i solve this with scripts toggled by buttons under the media player, like this:


My LG TV ( and also my receiver ( when they are powered off, they disappear… except in dev-state…


I do not understand. if I replace the mini-media-player resource in the lovelace file with the last mini-media-player-bundle, the custom-card will no longer work.Screenshot%20(10) Screenshot%20(13)


it’s possible to add an option about the Google tts to transmit in another language ( show tts: google) ? ( Italian for example…)


If you are using SONOS then this can be achieved by adding your playlist to SONOS favorites. The SONOS favorites is the Source list in this Mini Media Player


For SONOS: Is it possible to group all or some devices and play the same source list selection?