Lovelace: Mini Media Player


Thank you for the kind words Stew, really appreciated!


Thank you. Your radio chanel is also working for me. But it seems that only chanels with .mp3 at the end of the url will work.
For example I try : but then I get the error:

ERROR (SyncWorker_1) [homeassistant.components.media_player.sonos] Error on play_media with UPnP Error 800 received: from

I tested various chanels but only urls with .mp3 at the end will work.


One question: using the group option, the artwork is disable by default?
Using group i cannot set the artwork to any option.
More: I have two Sonos One set as stereo group, but i cannot disable one of them to see only the group name. How to disable one of the two to have only the group name?


No, the group option does not affect any artwork behaviour.

# Example ui-lovelace.yaml config
- type: entities
    - entity: media_player.spotify
      type: custom:mini-media-player
      group: true
    - entity: media_player.spotify
      type: custom:mini-media-player
      group: true
      artwork: cover


I don’t understand the question, please elaborate.


Hi, great component! Works on almost al my devices, except on my windows (10) phone… I know it is ancient, but everything else works. I get:

Any clue?


Hey, thank you.
This worked for Fire tablet users, please give it a shot:

Let me know if that does the trick!


Awesome, what a great community:


I guess you figured it out already, but you forgot to specify type: custom-mini-media-player.


Yes, you’re right… :grinning: :ok_hand:


@kalkih Thank you for your hard work. Very flexible and easy to design with!


How you did it??? Very nice…


Thanks! Code posted here: My Lovelace Screens[Updated Dec 27]-Themes-Mobile/PC Views


Anyone know if its possible to put just the minimedia player inside an iframe so I could show it on a tileboard?


Hi @kalkih
I somehow ended up on a non lovelace view of my UI recently and saw the old big ugly big media player boxes, it reminded me of how good your component is and how I got used to seeing it as my default one.
Do you have any plans to make this an official component?



i love the options for the media-player, nice work!

With the theme I used, the power button disappears as soon as the media player is switched on. Which parameter in the theme controls the color of the active power button?



I’ve got the question before and I’ve given it some thought and I feel like it would limit me when it comes to adding features, making changes e.g. Since I wouldn’t be in charge anymore.

However, if anyone wants to convert this project into typescript and contribute it to core HA I would welcome it.

Thank you!

By default the power button doesn’t change color, but if you’ve set power_color to true in the cards config and the device is on it will change to the color of the accent-color theme variable.


hey how did you solve this issue I having the same error


The solution can be found one post below the post you replied to.


I followed those steps didnt work


Those steps worked for me.