Lovelace-player - Send audio from home-assistant to any browser viewing your lovelace UI

I have the same problem since the update.
Any possibility to solve it?

did anyone work this out?

Add an empty file named to <config>/custom_components/floorplan_speaker/.

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finding device ID on mobile…

the git instructions say:

If you don’t have access to the console (e.g. on a mobile browser), you can add the variable getID=true to the script URL

where do i put getID=true? do i put it in the resources bit in lovelace config? ‘url: /local/card-tools.js’ or do i put it in the lovelace url somewhere

do i need to put a ? or something before/after it, cant figure it out

edit: figured this out. - url: /local/lovelace-player.js?getID=true and it gave me the ID


Yes did the trick!

Hi, I recently started using the new Android app. anyone have any idea if it is possible to stream audio to the app instead of a chrome browser?

Nobody? :frowning: Or has someone a good idea to stream audio (url stream) to the Android app? Like the Lovelace player does

Did you try it?
Did it work?
Does it work if not in the app?

Of course i tried it :). I get a DeviceID in the app and a player entity in Home Assistant but as soon as I want to play a stream to the player there is no sound. I do exactly the same in the Google Chrome browser and it works there.

Hm, so i think there is no solution for this one.I will make it a feature request for the app developers.