Lovelace Restriction Card - Client-side Security

Configuration errors detected:
unknown tag !<!secret> (6:46)

 3 | ... L
 4 | ...
 5 | ...ez the code
 6 | ...ret my_super_secret_complex_pin
 7 | ...
 8 | ... :button-card

I just got it ! I would have to switch my entire dashboard to yaml mode and no longer use the wizard

I made an “easy” button for my wife with macro buttons to select parts of the house and send the vacuum to clean them. However, for some reason I cannot figure out why when I press the button and try to execute the “start_vacuum” function it doesn’t actually do anything.

type: entities
  - card:
      entity: input_button.start_vacuum
    row: true
    type: custom:restriction-card
        text: Confirm. Pigpen will clean selected areas.
        text: Pigpen must be docked and charged before starting.
          operator: '!='
          value: docked
          entity: vacuum.valetudo_pigpen

If I just put the button in an entities list, like this it works great:

type: entities
  - entity: input_button.start_vacuum

Anyone know why the button doesn’t ‘toggle’ when I clear the soft lock and click the button?

Secondly, is there any way to build a more advanced condition statement so I can actually check the battery as well as the dock state?