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Lovelace: Simple Weather Card

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Wow, that was quick! Thanks for this!

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Great card! Looks marvelous!

What would be the way to go to add a second card with the forecast for tomorow? (Using darksky)


Thanks, cool setup you got there.

Not possible right now, at least not using this card, I’ll probably add an option to display the forecast in the future though.


Thanks for your reply! That would be awesome!


I’m trying to use it with dark-sky, followed the instructions but it doesn’t show, nor does any error message? :slight_smile: How can I debug it not displaying?


Just tried with darksky, should work, did you update to the latest release? v0.3.0

Check in the browser developer console for errors otherwise.


Nice work on the latest version. Shame that the Australian BOM shows so little info. The card doesn’t look good.

I’ve gone back to dark-sky, but have an issue from before 0.3.0. The min/max temp only shows the first value. Is there something I’m missing? I click on the card to get the more-info popup and it has a tonne of info in there, it just wont read anything else.


I dont see anything obvious…I do use dark-sky-weather card also…are they conflicting each other?


it works for me with Dark Sky top right corner on the image


Well, dark sky doesn’t expose a min temp so that’s why.
What do you mean with - it just wont read anything else ?

Did you check the browser dev console for errors?


Well, that explains that then. What I mean by not reading anything else, the forecast temp I’m getting is the first one on the list. So it’s 9:30am here, it’s showing the temp for 9am, not the max for the day which is at 12pm.


Oh, I see.
The structure of the different weather platforms seem to differ a lot unfortunately, some weather platforms expose the forecast in days, and some in hours, and some not at all. Their other exposed attributes are also vastly different.

I find this kinda strange, I thought they would have a more unified structure, similar to the media_player domain.


Same issue with the BOM weather component here in Australia. I too have switched over to DarkSky for now. It would be great if we can push data into this component using sensor values instead of the weather component.


I did check the browser console, don’t see any errors related to the …bundle.js amm but I do see that the “code” is formated just in one line when it loads it? Is that a problem maybe?


No, that’s on purpose, the bundle is minified to reduce load times.


Well it should, I believe it is being worked on in architecture…

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