Lovelace status delay with Zigbee Bulbs

Hi guys,

I have two Linkind Zigbee bulbs linked to a Sonoff Bridge and ewelink app and into HA with the SonoffLAN integration. I know this isn’t a popular setup, but it has worked fine, something seems to have changed.

Now with these two bulbs, I can control them flawlessly from ewelink, so the issue isn’t there.

If I turn a bulb on in HA using a light card, the bulb DOES turn on, so it is functioning. But the light card will continue to report that the light is off for anything up to a few minutes before it finally changes. This means I cannot turn the light off from HA until it’s updated the status. The same thing happens when I then am able to turn the light off. The bulb turns off immediately, but the light card remains as “On” for an inconsistent amount of time.

This never used to happen, so something must have changed somewhere. I’ve been trying to track down a solution for weeks but with no luck.

I’d really appreciate some help, hopefully not just a ton of people telling me to ditch SonofLAN or buy new devices lol.

Thanks guys.

Just a guess but I think it probably means that either the device itself or the Zigbee gateway/bridge/hub or its integration only uses “Local Polling” or “Cloud Pulling” instead of “Local Push” and “Cloud Push”.

Also, I think that a problem as the Sonoff Bridge officially only supports other Sonoff branded devices, so it is not like you can contact Sonoff/Itead and ask them to fix this problem with third-party devices.

Just because a device is Zigbee does not mean that a proprietary Zigbee gateway/bridge/hub from a commercial company will support it. In fact, most proprietary Zigbee gateways/bridges/hubs from commercial companies will only support their own devices and/or devices from select third-party partners that they made a deal with to support.

Good luck with that, as the reason why people (like myself) will recommend that you instead buy a modern Zigbee Coordinator USB adapter and use it with Home Assistant’s own ZHA integration or with Zigbee2MQTT is that either/both of those two Zigbee solutions are capable of supporting all different brands of Zigbee devices made from practically any manducates.

The Zigbee specification is more of a guideline than a strict set of rules that device manufacturers have to follow, and that makes it hard or at least a lot of work to offer support for untested devices as many devices will need some kind of custom converter/parser/translator to workaround unique Zigbee clusters and attributes that the firmware developer of each device has decided to use.

So going against your hope I am going to recommend that you buy Home Assistant SkyConnect dongle (based on Silicon Labs EFR32MG21) for the ZHA integration or ITead’s “Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus” (model “ZBDongle-P” based on Texas Instruments CC2652P) for Zigbee2MQTT.