Lovelace: Thermostat card (BETA)


Great - many thanks, added to Github.

If you need any further info like example output from my devices just let me know. :slight_smile:


@ciotlosm Here is a screen recording of my attempts to use the card.


I think you are using it as custom entity row instead of standone card. Can you post your lovelace config in a hastebin?



Fixed it. Saw my error. You were right about the standard card. Thanks for your help!


Yes but currently I have problems with the Netatmo component (NOT related with this card which is great)


Also would like to see this implemented for a similar reason, I have an extra temperature sensor which is more accurate then my thermostat


Separate sensor is implemented in latest version. See docs


Hi, is it possible to change the size of it? I have 2 and would like to have half size and put one next to the second


It autoscales. Just use a horizontal stack from lovelace


How could I line them up nicely? Thanks!

 - icon: mdi:temperature-fahrenheit
    title: Thermostat
      - type: horizontal-stack
          - type: custom:thermostat-card
            title: Upstairs Thermostat
            entity: climate.upstairs
          - type: custom:thermostat-card
            title: Downstairs Thermostat
            entity: climate.downstairs



Increase first text or decrease second


Name one “Upstairs” and the other “Downstairs”?


Thanks gent. As always, I seem to make things more complicated than need be!


you are right, I do have same problems, for example in big-number, for example when there is temperature as sensor. When temperature is, for example, 27,5 it stays correctly formatted, when is 27 one is smaller the the other (as per your example)


That looks beautiful Thanks @ciotlosm Can’t wait for the updates let the winter come now:)


how to change opration modes and fan modes ? Have you added it yet?


Not yet. I think I will do a workaround where you will get a settings icon opening the more info dialog with all the current thermostat settings.


Looking forward to seeing it soon



Great card :smiley:
I have a question how do i use hvac
I have a tado with the next operation_list “Manual,Timer,Tado mode,Smart schedule,Off”
but if i add it to hvac i have no option to select