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Hi, for some reason popups are not working at all. When the value is set to true, nothing happens. If there is no value set, more-info will appear when the card is held. I see the same behavior for light popups and media popups so far.

  - type: grid
    columns: 2
    square: false
      - type: "custom:button-card"
        template: card_light
        entity: light.dining_room
          ulm_card_light_enable_popup: true
          ulm_card_light_enable_collapse: true
          ulm_card_light_enable_slider: true
          ulm_card_light_force_background_color: false
      - type: "custom:button-card"
        template: card_media_player
        entity: media_player.dining_room_home_pod
          ulm_card_media_player_name: HomePod
          ulm_card_media_player_enable_popup: true
          ulm_card_media_player_collapsible: true
          ulm_card_media_player_enable_volume_slider: true
          ulm_card_media_player_enable_volume_controls: true

I’ve followed all the guides I could find and have confirmed that custom-actions.yaml is correct. This is not for an adaptive dashboard.

@andyblac Thanks for your help

I have been able to sort out.
I have created a new post on it.

To be honest, yaml file can be very quickly a mess. Then you could think your ui under components like recent js framework.

By creating different yaml files as components and call them within the dashboard you can reuse blocks and clarify your code.

Thanks all for your support

Where can I find information on how to override global style of minimalist?

I can’t find anything. I would like to override primary-background-color, ha-card background color …


Look for the theme you picked in your themes folder.

I duplicate and create a new theme correct?