Lovelace: Weather Chart Card

Thanks for the work!

It looks like the aspect ratio of the style2 icons is a bit off.
style1 icons are fine.

My forecast does skip a day. Like today it’s Monday, my forecast shows from Wednesday on…

Edit: probably something wrong with my buienradar integration.

I encountered the same problem, using HA 2024.4.3. I did not have the card in older versions, perhaps it has something to do with the new forecast attribute handling in 2024.4?

Its exactly what I’m looking for :wink:


Perfekt, Thanks

Thank you for this great weather chart card that I installed now. love the work.

feature suggestion:
I would love to see in the future there is a possibility to add your own rain rate in the alternate entities.
And that this own rain rate could be shown into the chart bar with a different color (light or dark blue) on top of the prediction rain chart.

Hi everyone,
the card no longer works.
I configured it with metereologisk_hourly… (which is no longer provided by the weather integration)
Now whatever weather integration I choose I receive this error:

It also happened you?
Now which weather integration can I use?

Same here, stopped working for me several weeks ago. Sometimes it show some data for few mins and then it’s gone again.

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Both and SMHI work well for me with hourly and daily forecasts including precipitation.