Lutron Caseta Interface

Some background. I went with Casetta Pro but already had a whole lot of sensors/maestro switches in crucial areas where I didn’t want any hubs in the mix. Since the RA2 S can monitor the occupancy/vacancy sensors and shades etc. , i wanted to see if i can utilize them for just those components and leave the Casetta pro as I have 23 switches throughout my living space on Casetta Pro. I like the round 360 deg. sensorss cellar, garage etc. where my rental unit tenants might go into as well.

Can not help with the Homekit issue, do not have/use.

Do not use Caseta or RA2 motion sensors, but is it possible they only show up as events; i.e. not as sensors?

I only use one installation/set of files in custom_components.

Good luck, this integration have been rock solid for me using both the Pro and Select hubs.

Im glad to hear you have positive results with both. Gives me motivation. I agree Lutron is THE WAY to go. I use the picos for controlling all sorts of other devices. It is rock solid for me as well.

I am in the process of converting to a standalone NUC for HA. I am currently using VM / Mac OS. I might just start the conversion and set up NUC from scratch instead of Snapshot restore. That might iron out some of my issues as my HA / VM installation is old… and somewhat behind on updates.

@Dansker @upsert

I added a pico to RA2s and sure enough we got the pico in HA. Figured I missed something. I read through all the threads I read before again and saw a mention by Upsert.

Upsert stated occupancy sensors do not currently report via Telnet this was back in 17’ or 18’ but there was possible effort to fix that? I guess that has not come to fruition yet.

Does this mean Casetta compatible occupancy sensors are not working either? I really rather use the round 360deg. sensors from RA2s/Maestro.

I have used many diff. occupancy sensors and they all fall short in some aspect. Lutron’s is the only one that works 100%. Thats why I went with them through out the building in areas where I did not need voice control/ advanced logic. RA2s gave me hope to hijack Lutron sensor data for all my HA needs. GRRRR.

I do have one occupancy sensor working with RA2, using the “real” RA2 hub (not Select). However, I do not like the price and the are not programmable in any way, except going to each physical sensor.

And, I am a BIG fan of Pico’s as well. Upsert’s integration handle two, three, four and five button Pico perfectly.

It appears version 112 of HA will support Caseta occupancy sensors (but not Picos). Maybe use one hub for Pico and another to get the sensors.

My whole reason for having the RA2s is for the occupancy sensors and the powerpack in wall units.

Wait, so 112 of HA will support Casetta occupancy and not pico remotes? SO i wont be able to use the PICOs on casetta.

There are two Caseta integrations: the official one with support for occupancy sensors, and Upsert’s with support for Picos. They are based on different protocols.

The RA2 integration will support occupancy and Pico’s.

I have RA2 Select. Not the Full blown RA2. I thought i can connect the occupancy sensors to HA once I saw i can connect my existing Occupancy sensors through the app to RA2 select.

I am trying to avoid using caseta for the occupancy as i would have to buy all new sensors and they don’t offer the round ones which are already recessed into the ceiling in various places. I hate the little log style sensors. Same design since 90s.

EDIT: Should have read more; I should have known about RA2 Select not sending sensor via Telnet.

RA2 Main Repeater on the way… ironically spent only $20 more for the RA2 RR-MAIN-REP-WH on ebay. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I notice the RA2 puts out a CSV file. Anything special I have to do to load this integration report into the custom component?

currently receiving error when pasting contents from CSV file.


Wait, do i need the Connect Bridge for RA2 to HA integration?


I really need to start reading thoroughly before posting. I realized there is no integration report to be used. I did see my RadioRA motion sensors pop up when browsing through all devices and YESSS!!! state change detected!

Using the built in HA lutron component for RA2 and Caseta pro using Upserts component. Config as below

      - host:
        mac: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        default_transition_seconds: 1

  username: XXXX
  password: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Super instant response is amazing!!!

P.S. if anyone wants to trade a CONNECT bridge for RA2select or Caseta bridge. PM me as i have both just sitting here.

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Im sure this is something i’m missing, but i don’t see the upsert/lutron-caseta-pro repository in HACS as mentioned on the git page… I have my Caseta pro bridge and 8 dimmers, 3 switches and 6 pico’s coming Monday (Note… My wife does not know how much this costs!). Trying to get a head start on the setup. Am I missing something?

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You have to add upsert’s repository as a custom repo in HACS.

Im going to leave this post up as a “walk of shame” – custom repo… 3 dots in the right corner. That’s what I was missing!


Just want to say that this integration is amazing… Works flawlessly! I have a pico remote turning on leviton z-wave outlets, pausing Roku and still able to control the lutron lights and exhaust fan…

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What are you using for the exhaust fan?

I have one of those small enerwave Z-wave in wall switches. I wanted to tap into the kitchen vent hood lights so i can turn them on with the counter lights. I went with this as it has a line trigger to attach the manual vent hood light button switch to as well. So it still maintains the original funtions.

There is an on/off switch which can control exhaust fans and other non-dimmable items. Model is PD-6ANS-WH. It does require a neutral wire.

ahh… okay you are using a wall switch with the hood. I didn’t think about that. I have a not so fancy exhaust hood with (mechanical) light button on the front of the unit. Its all i could fit in my little kitchen.

These enerwave switches are pretty reliable connected to Vera+, I have one running on a heated led mirror in the bathroom. It initially had two wires coming out off the mirror for the defogger and mirror light connected to one PD-6ANS-WH switch from the wall. Started using Enerwave switch which has dual output. Used that to split up the LED / defogger and control that with a pico 4 button on off. Been running it for almost year and its been super solid. I guess I will go forward with exhaust light.

I had an aeotech z-wave behind my bathroom switches originally and my wife (and 4-year old daughter) HATED when they’d get in the reverse order. This has a much higher WAF

Yeah Caseta is pricey but EBay is your friend and in my experience you can’t find better WAF with anything else… and the picos look soo great mounted on the wall anywhere you want controlling anything you want!

My favorite uses are:

  1. Remote wall mounted dynamic volume control for my Denon receiver…across the open living area!

  2. Wireless emergency buttons that trigger echo routines and announcement “Help Needed” when either of us are sick in bed.

I don’t think you’ll regret the investment at all!

Now that the native Caseta integration supports Picos and Shades, as well as the spiffy new auto-detected setup (no need to generate a certificate or an integration report anymore), is there any advantage to using the upsert integration anymore? I’m doing a fresh install of HA, and hadn’t realized just how far the native integration had come.