M5 atomS3 i2c hub and peripherals

Is there support for a PCA9548APW m5 hub (pahub2)?

I am trying to update the econet esphome yaml in the esphome add-on in HA. I have a RS485 atomS3 connected i2c to the hub. The hub has (3) m5 4-relay connected i2c and also has (1) PCA9554PW gpio expander (unit-ext.io), and (1) MAX31855 sensor (kmeteriso). I want to be able to connect them together locally so that I can control each relay as on or off depending on information in the econet HA dashboard, the sensor is for outdoor ambient temperate measurement so I just want that to be able to be displayed in the dashboard, and the gpio expander is to sense when a separate system is signaling for changes so my system knows how to respond. Everything I search online is completely fragmented information and nothing is directly relatable or any examples of where to start. If there are no platform support for these units, what do I need to do to get them in there so I can make this possible?

also secondary follow up, these units are defined in UIflow, is it possible to build in UIflow and somehow add that to the esphome econet base install?

I tried using the yaml configuration in esphome support pages as the tca i2c multiplexer. Unfortunately that configuration returns with need platform information, although the yaml config example did not have one. Further research hints that the esphome team finds that the unit is not working and they have not further developed solutions.

I know that the i2c address of the hub is 0x70, the relays would be 0x26, and the sensor would be 0x66. I just do not know how to configure the yaml in esphome, because apparently I do not know what I am doing at all.

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To operate them independently, you need to change each of their addresses to something unique in your setup.

(Not all devices support this)

Alternatively, they must reside on separate I2C universes

I don’t know where to start. I cannot find anything because every single resource either has no reference whatsoever or such a narrow incredibly specific reference that it doesn’t apply to anything else other than that one project. There has to be some resource that has a list of platforms or basic code of where to start from.

This example of full of extras that might confuse.


Turns it on


Turns it off

I’m not sure how you’d change the address to get three working.

I do have a paHub but I’ve got no idea how to work with it.

Or if this more along the lines of what you’re looking for / doing ?

Is it worth trying this script to change the I2C address of each relay module?