M5 stack atom echo

I’ve just received an m5 stack atom echo. I was hoping to use it as part of home assistant assist. When I attach it to a my windows PC via a usb C cable it registers that a device is connected but doesn’t recognize what it is. I also tried connecting it directly to my homeassistant pc and that didn’t recognize it either.
Is their a driver I need to download or is the device defective.

I am no expert and have only just starting cabling in the whole ESP stuff but i do know that these devices don’t work out the box, they need to be programmed for your specific use case.

In your use case I think they need yaml like the following:

This might help you.

You definitely need a windows driver so that your windows laptop sees the echo as a serial port so you can update the esphome configuration. I received my echo today and will use the link above to see if I can get the drivers. If you learn any tricks be sure and let me know.

I had the same problem, I had to try about 10 USB C cables before I got a successful connection which was odd. I’d tried this on 2 computers and got the same outcome so I suspect that the cables used to charge phones may be missing the pins for the serial connection? They should have just included a 2" usb C lead in the box that would have made my life so much easier

Hi where do I put in a request for an enhancement request for this as it looks like its part of HA Core.

I love the echo atom as a voice remote but I want to do more with it…

  1. I’d like to activate it as a TTS speaker when automations fire on home assistant (i.e “motion detected downstairs”)
  2. I’d like to be able to customise the response (at the moment my custom devices just respond with “Done”) I’d like to have it say a specfic sentence.
  3. Is there any way of using it as a mini bluetooth speaker at the same time?
  4. Can the voice remote be activated without pressing the front button i.e with a motion sensor automation so when I’m in the room and I say turn on the office lights they just come on
  5. Or is there a future ability to give it a wake word i.e “Alexis”

I’d advise to take a closer look to the forum rules. There are some interesting things in there, like not tagging people or editing posts instead of making a new one and so on. You can find them here:

And I’d advise to read up on this specific topic, or take a look at the release party videos or read the blog entries. All your questions are already answered, as long as there are answers to give at the moment. Eg. if and when a wake word will be available in HA assist is something nobody knows at the moment (beside someone who is hopefully developing it). Hint: there is a live stream planned for the 23rd of this month, the so called Chapter3 of the year of the voice. Some people speculate that it cold be the introduction of a wake word… :wink:

So before putting in a feature request, you might want to inform yourself about what is planned, what is already in development and what is already down voted. Then you can open up a thread here in this very forum, to see if your FR seems reasonable and gets at least a few votes. If so, go ahead and make a FR on Github. :slight_smile: The rules on how to put a FR on Github are available in the FR template on Github as well.


Thanks for the advice I will wait for the stream on the 23rd and decide what I want to do from there.

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