macOS Companion not updating entity

Hey guys. Had a meeting today and notice my Automation that turns on a light when camera is active wasn’t working.

Then, looking at my macOS device and its entities on Home Assistant, realised nothing was being updated since 5/Dec, 4:45 (aedt).

Tried a few things (disable/enable) the entity, nothing.

Noticed an Update available on AppleStore for the Home Assistant Companion, updated, no change.

Decided to log off of my companion app on Mac, and delete the entity. Fresh start.

So now, when i try to login back, I get this error:

"Unacceptable status code 503.

Error Code:
Shared.WebhookError 2"

I do have the “Home Assistant.txt” logs that were generated after I try to login (fresh file, have deleted the old one before trying to login) but, is a 400 line txt, and has some info that looks confidential, hence Im not posting the whole fur of data here (it will be hard to go through 400 lines looking for things that i “think” is confidential) but happy to share in case someone tells me what I should be looking for…

I bet that Apple just closed the door for third-parties, but, want to see if someone is going through that also and/or has any further info on this.

Related or not, I was having issues with Webhooks also.

Found out that on my HA > Settings > Home Assistant Cloud, I was seeing “Cloud connection status: Connected” and Remote Control was Enabled, but on Account.Nabucasa, i was seeing "no response from instance”.

I’ve followed this suggestion and just because the error was saying “Webhook”, I decide to try again. and it worked.

Can’t get my head around on how this is related, but hey, it worked, I’m happy.