Making a Google device work with other units

Hello hivemind…

I’m (Clearly) very new to this… And just to get a headsup if I’m wasting time, trying to get something to work / not work, I was wondering… Is it possible to get my google speakers to send a sound, when something happens in the house (media_player.hulen)

Ex: when the doorbell rings (binary_sensor.front_door_ding)
Or when the vaccume is done…


Yes, this is very possible. For example, my Google Home Mini tells me when the water has finished boiling and to stand up when I’ve been sitting for an hour.

Also, I recommend giving this post a read through! There are some good tips there on how to make sure you get the best, and quickest, help. For instance, searching for “play sound on google” here in the forums returns a ton of posts in a similar vein to yours, and would be faster than making your own post and waiting six hours for a response :slight_smile:

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