Manual registration of non-smart devices (for utilities statement)


I wish a feature to keep track of my consumption so I manually check the different meters inside my rented flat at a regular interval.
As i do not own the flat, i cannot install own meters so the manual way has to work for me.
However i wish i could finde the data inside Home Assistant, especially when having an energy section now.

In my example, i have:

  • 7 radiators with heat meters
  • 3 water meters for cold water
  • 1 water meter for hot water
  • 1 electricity meter

Currently i use a dumb excel file to keep at least a little track of my consumption, i would be happy to have a kind of actual utilities statement in Home Assistant to avoid bad surprises at year change and to maybe have graphs for it.

I hope something like this will be possible

Thank you


You can use input numbers to track these readings. They can be used in History Graphs.

For devices that Home Assistant knows the on/off state of there is also this:

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Thank you, that could be a way to start it all.

But how could i enter values for dates in the past? When I enter a value, its entered for the current time.

Also I do not know, how to calculate the power consumption for a year without doing it the “excel-way”. How to tell HA to subtract the earliest value of the year from the latest one available?

Some time has passend, so… are there news?

Especially as this is a feature request.

I do not want to change device values in the past, i just wish a solution to enter historic data of my household to keep track of consumption. Should be possible I guess?

Hi. Have you find a solution? I am interesed to the same thing

No, unfortunately not.
Meanwhile i was able to make my water meter and power meter “smart”, for the heating i do not have a solution so far…

There’s this for past data entry: