Manual trigger?

@Rhavin42 Correction to my last post. My scripts and covers are not showing up.

Here’s what mine looks like. I’m not 100% sure if the listen_port needs to be defined
I also have everything exposed by default, I think I just delete the extra crap out from the Alexa app. You might need to explicitly give them a name?

  listen_port: 8300
    - script
    - scene
  expose_by_default: true
    - light
    - switch
    - script
      name: "Kitchen"
      name: "Playstation"

And you can see what my play_playstation script looks like in a previous post.

they then all show up in the /api/pi/lights

"17": {
	"modelid": "HASS123",
	"name": "Playstation",
	"state": {
		"bri": 0,
		"on": false,
		"reachable": true
	"swversion": "123",
	"type": "Dimmable light",
	"uniqueid": "script.play_playstation_script"

After a few more restarts they showed up. It was weird, I trimmed everything down to just 3 devices and they all showed up. Then I re added them all, restarted, and they all showed up.

Thanks for the help!