Map themes/views

I tried searching this topic, but I didn’t really see this addressed. The map theme changes with the selected theme. I’m wondering if it’s possible to use the light map with the dark theme selected.

Also, in my area the maps are pretty lacking when it comes to showing building locations. It doesn’t appear OpenStreetMaps has its own satellite layer, so is there a way to incorporate switching to Google Maps (and back) to help locate things?

I had the same frustration. I prefer a dark theme but can hardly see anything on the map when the stock dark theme is enabled so I’m just using JuanMTech’s Google Dark Theme.

But another issue is the default zoom level for the map that pops up when tapping on an entity icon on the map. Being able to see more would help. Even better to be able to tap a person’s icon and be able to have your preferred navigation app open to get directions to a user’s location quickly.

That looks interesting. Maybe I’ll have a go at it when I wake up in the morning. I completely agree about the pop-up map. It would be nice if it was a larger window, or better still, the ability to add locations without the need for a pop-up at all.