Matter in Home Assistant workshop announcement

Will a RPI3 work for what we’re doing in this workshop?

Goes without saying :wink:

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A RPi3 will run Home Assistant, but the second part of the workshop specifically asks for Espressif ESP32-C3 dev boards with a neopixel LED to create a simulated Matter light bulb.

  • RPi - single board computer, runs Linux, needs mains power - has the power of a phone :iphone:
  • ESP32 - new embedded microprocessor, runs raw code, can work on batteries - has the power of a potato :slight_smile:
  • ESP12F - old embedded microprocessor, is a potato. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’d suggest skipping the second part of the workshop if Arduino, IDE, IPv6, and GPIO aren’t words you don’t mumble at night. :woman_mage:t2: :satellite: :hammer_and_wrench:

Is this YouTube stream going to be uploaded for later viewing? Not the best time to watch live in Australia…

I am struggling this week. Have been awake at 4am everyday so far.

You do realise this is 5am in Australia, making it one hour later would be so much more sociable.

So… where is the link to the webinar or whatever this is?

The link is in the first post: Matter in Home Assistant workshop - YouTube

Yea, it was mentioned earlier that it will be saved so it can be watched later.

Thanks. I don’t know why they didn’t just make the big banner a link to it.

Meanwhile, I’m curious about the purpose of this mesh network. I can understand using radio in some environments, but why use a radio protocol that requires special hardware in a home, where Wi-Fi is ubiquitous?

in the workshop, unfortunately I only see these ports:

and upon connecting and I installing Matter Lighting App, it fails with:

hmmm, now what. retried and click BOOT, to no avail.


found an Nokia 8 usb cable, and that connects right away. Paulus was tight in the Workshop, check the cable!!

Yes (this is dealt with further up the thread)

Thanks for the stream. Now I have fully understand the aim of Matter. I am surprised that the big vendors have agreed all to an open source standard. That indeed has the potential of a game changer pointing to the right direction :partying_face:

Matter Conference

I am interested in the Matter Alliance conference taking place next week. Does anybody have a link for a livestream? Thanks

P.s. Are the presentation slides also available somewhere?

Main reason to use a mesh network is reachability. Even a WiFi network needs repeaters when you go beyond a middle-sized apartment, which itself is a kind o mesh.

Matter itself is hardware-agnostic and can run over plain WiFi.

As far using Threads over WiFi, the main reason is power. WiFi is power-hungry and unfit for battery-powered devices, while protocols like Threads, Zigbee, Z-Wave address this issue.

One thing that was a bit confusing (or not addressed) is what protocol was used during the workshop.

Early-on, a “Threads” addon was mentioned in the architecture diagram, but that workshop only used WiFi, right? I don’t think you can run Threads on an ESP32, can we?

You are right - Thread was not used during the workshop. It was WiFi and BLE (for setup).

I followed the workshop using an M5 Stamp-C3 and all was well until it came to the pairing process which requires BLE. I have an Intel NUC (BOXNUC7PJYH) and I purchased the recommended TP-Link UB500 USB Bluetooth adapter. I run HASSIO (straight installation with no other software) with the HA OS 8.2, HA Core 2022.6.6 & Supervisor 2022.05.3.

The problem is I do not see the TP-Link adapter listed in the hardware section though I see my other USB adapters as in Sonoff Zigbee and Aeotec Zwave controllers so I’m at a loss as to how to get Bluetooth working on the NUC. I have read many posts on the forums regarding Bluetooth and the Intel NUC but I have not found any solution to this issue. Is it not supported on the NUC??

WE the consumers are guessing what the final specification will be. The companies actually making matter devices, will be testing their devices next week.

Does HA Matter add-on supports other clusters? e.g. Thermostat cluster
Can it show on lovelace?

Don’t know about thermostats, but the beta integration in HACS exposed a Matter light as just another dimmable light in Lovelace.

It’s very early in the development cycle for Matter (no consumer devices are released - only developer test hardware) and the HASS integrations are beta, but given the importance of Matter/ Thread/ Zigbee 3.0 to the whole HA market, there’s a high chance it will work in the future.

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