Meat aging input_boolean. When the appended daily average temperature hits 40 degrees celcius, alert my phone. Possible?

I’ll start hunting soon, and will need to age the meat. I need to hang the meat for aging outside for 40 “degree days”. For example, if there is 10 degrees outside constant, the meat should hang in 4 days, then freezed or eaten.

I want to create a input_boolean, that starts to read the outside temperature sensor each hour in a day to figure out the average temperature for that day, and then append each day to a value. When that value hits 40, i want a notification.

Can this be done in Home Assistant?

Bonus if i get notified the hour the meat has hanged for the right amount of time, instead of a per day basis.

I know this is kind of a odd/difficult automation, so thanks for any help:slight_smile:

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40 degree days is equivalent to 960 degree hours.
So, create an input_slider with a minimum value of 0 and a maximum value of 1000
Automation 1 is triggered each hour.
The action for automation 1 is to add the current temperature to the value of the input_slider.

Automation 2 is a numeric_state trigger, when the input_slider value > 960 send you a notice.

You might need to handle a special case if the temp drops below zero.

Also note: if Home Assistant reboots during this process, you will lose your state.

There are a few solutions to retain state through restart. You can get some information on that here:


I would suggest using a sensor to record the cumulative temperature hours.

You can zero the sensor, then accumulate the hourly temperature.

Then have a rule to alert you when the limit (40 or 960 is reached).

By making it a sensor, you can see the trend and any anomalies in the data (ie if an hour is missed etc).

From the trend, you can extrapolate a likely finish time also.

Have a look at how I did a rainfall sensor for some inspiration for the sensor.


Thank you both for good answers. I was busy at the moment, so i forgot to thank you for your help, and make the sensor. I will give it a new try soon.