Media Browser Icon not showing in Taskbar

Hy i use HA 0.115.2 in Docker

my config:

    kamera: /media/Kamera
    musik: /media/Mp3

have integrated the directories into the docker container

-v /media/johi/Festplatte3/ftp_aufnahme_camera:/media/Kamera \
-v /media/johi/Daten/Mp3:/media/Mp3 \

and this works in container…
2020-09-23 18_26_22-root@nuci5_ ~
i have the data in media folder

Put ich have no Icon:

2020-09-23 18_27_15-Übersicht - Home Assistant

did I miss something?

Did you put the media_dirs under the homeassistant section?

    kamera: /media/Kamera
    musik: /media/Mp3

2020-09-23 18_38_09-C__Users_johin_AppData_Roaming_Notepad++_plugins_Config_NppFTP_Cache_root@192.16

Ok, now place a media_player in your UI and it should have a folder on it.

Yes this works with my Sonos Library

only music from sonos app library, and no videos or pictures

how can make this?

with pictures and videos from camera

the sidebar is controlled by the media_source integration.