Media Dashboard

I’ve finally got around to setting up my ‘Media’ dashboard … Let me know what you think!


Looks great! Can you describe how you get the recently added media from Plex?

btw to OP love the dashboard


How did you create the radio section?


Yes, I’d like to know this also

Hey there … I’ve done a write up on my Media dashboard here which documents the radio setup!

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Hi pqpxd,

Really like your dashboards. However, I am not finding any instruction to install/setup. I did try to copy the repo from your Github, but that end up in a Safe Mode status with my Home Assistant. Can you provide me with the setup instruction for your dashboard? Also, noticed that the menu is on top instead of the default left side. Is this part of your dashboard or is this a config within Home Assistant?

I am also looking for install setup? Anyone have anything?

I haven’t tackled this yet, but this might be of some help to get this setup.