Menu name rename possible?

is it possible to rename the menu name “Home Assistant”?


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reply to self… not possible?

why? for what? it’s not much of a PITA is it to have a simple badge of honour on your frontend for a free and flexible automation system?

I never said it was a PITA?

I would like to rename it to something more recognizable for me and my family… like the name of my house or other…?

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Ah, fair shout, no you didn’t - I was presuming that was the purpose of your request.

Aside, changing the branding in such a way, even though your intentions may be honest, is essentially wrapping up a whole load of work and effort into something else and allowing that to “take the credit”. It is not in the spirit of “Free Open Source Software” and potentially in violation of the Free to Use Licence. I can’t say for sure as I do not know your intent nor do i wish to. I would just explain to your family what HomeAssistant is and job done! - which surely is much much easier than going through the process of the aforementioned.

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Hm… well. I did not know that location of the name was

I do not know how or what I am asking here wrongly and get the feeling I am doing something wrong by asking to change the menu name of my instance?
I wanted to change it so something in my own language.


Are you talking about?

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I’m done.
Answer for you is NO YOU CANNOT

Most of that bar is uneditable, not on purpose either. It’s just not accessible with any custom tools that exist.


#metoo yes

Although this was “solutioned” by me I would still really like to know if I can change this name to something like “Car Assistant” Or other… Where would I have to go to?

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Still doesn’t exist…

Can I do myself?

Do you know code? If yes, then maybe.

No, but I envision something like “find-replace” :joy:


Nope, much more complicated than that.

It always is…

Sure this is possible. look for the favicon integration

better use current browser-mod built in functionality to do that

Check this, could lead to a solution.