Mercedes is back

In 0.67, the Mercedes Me component had to be removed because the API used was apparently shut down, Now, Mercedes has published a new (experimental) API:

List of available data points and functionalities (more to come):
- Vehicles: vehicle information as horse power, color name, fuel type, number of doors and seats, model year etc.
- Tires: information about the tire pressure
- Doors: door status, functionality to lock/unlock doors
- Location: current geo-location of the vehicle
- Odometer: information about the mileage
- Fuel: current fuel level
- State of charge: current status of the battery pack (electric vehicle)

I am just getting started with HASS (for the second time but it’s been a while)

I was sorry to see the Mercedes Me interface was no longer available so I searched for a new Mercedes API and found this same url. I was able to create a developer account and have ability to generate OAuth for my can now.

Has anyone integrated this new API with HASS yet?

Kicking this back up. Does somebody have the original component laying around so we can revive this now that the (experimental) API is there?

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Any progress with this? Would really like to integrate this into HA

Bump :blush: will pick up my new Merc soon and ofc want to get into my ha

You should look in this thread: