MeteoAlarm: Province containing () in the name


I do have an issue with provinces containing () in their name.
ZAMG (the Austrian weather agency) is having some provinces containing brackets. Those ones always do show “safe” as state, although there are warnings. All other provinces are displayed according to the official status in Home Assistant.

How do I need to put this in the configuration file? Any special coding for () needed?


  • platform: meteoalarm
    name: meteoalarm-WB
    country: “austria”
    province: “Wiener Neustadt (Land)”
    language: “de-DE”

Thx for any support, quite a newbie in Home Assistant

You have to put the parentheses between square brackets, like this:

  - platform: meteoalarm
    name: "meteoalarm-WB"
    country: "austria"
    province: "Wiener Neustadt [(]Land[)]"
    language: "de-DE"

By the way, please check out the How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question, and especially the info about formatting your code for readability.