Miflora Not Reporting Properly

I have had 7 Miflora sensors for a long time now, well over a year and they have been working fine.

The last 4-5 releases though, they have stopped reporting back.

My setup is running hassio within a docker container on Ubuntu server 18.10.

I have a blue tooth adapter plugged directly into the device and it hasn’t been problematic at all and reported in all the time until I would say at least 4-5 releases ago.

I am currently running 1.06 and the same issues continue where it’s not reporting anything from Miflora sensors.

I check ‘bluetoothctl’ with a ‘scan on’ …it finds the devices fine but nothing in HA…

Here is an entry for one of the devices I have in HA, nothing has changed in the YAML since they went from working to not working.

  - platform: miflora
    mac: 'C4:7C:8D:64:03:BC'
    name: Lilac
    force_update: false
    median: 1
      - moisture
      - light
      - temperature
      - conductivity
      - battery 

I have these entries within my sensors.yaml file.

Has anyone run into any miflora sensor issues in the recent past or did I miss any breaking changes? I tried to review each one and never saw anything noted but that’s not to say I didn’t miss it.

Any help is great appreciated! I’d love to get these sensors reporting back in and my automations for the plants back to operational.

I would definitely give the custom-component / HACS equivalent a try:

I think it’s a big improvement over the standard component: no drop-outs, longer battery life, a simple one line yaml entry to grab all the sensors plus their readings, and a few more benefits.

I won’t be going back to the HA standard component :slight_smile:


I wasn’t aware of the link posted by Bit-River, but will try it now.

This is excellent, thank you very much for sharing. Things are reporting back in HA!

I greatly appreciate your response!

EDIT: The only thing that was bad was I realized what devices weren’t ‘global’. Had 3 out of the 7 I have show up. Oh well, this is reporting in perfectly and looks like I need to find a spot to purchase some replacement. Hard to find it by the model # on Amazon but I’ll do some digging)

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