Migr. from Docker&SSL to VM&VPN

I recently heard that the supported installation methods are changing and so I’m planning to move away from my current setup of Ubuntu Server/Docker/HA Supervised (I think that’s the correct naming? I have the Supervisor in my HA UI and in Docker. The current naming scheme is so confusing). Another reason is the ease of cloning and restoring my setup. And also not having to deal with Linux and terminals.

I’m also interested in moving away from having HA exposed on port 8123 to using Wireguard which I understand is a bit more secure.

Ideally I want my Lenovo M73 Tiny running Windows 10/Virtual Box/Home Assistant (OS/Image or whatever it’s called, again, the naming is just down-right confusing and BAD). But as I understand it I can’t run a WG server on Windows. So should I skip Windows, and run WG on Ubuntu/Proxmox, or can I run WG inside HA, inside my VM, inside Windows 10?

Would really appreciate some help.


It’s not going to be deprecated. You can still install it on a debian OS and also yoir ubuntu install will continue to work, the devs will just not provide any help if you have issues, but the community will always be here to help.

Also here’s a good overview of the current install methods