Migrate from HA OS to docker

Hi all I am pretty comfortable with Docker.

I’ve been running supervisor in a VM on my Synology for sometime. if I do migrate to home assistant Docker my main concern is ensuring my existing connected devices and integrations that are non zigbee can migrate over like
ifx lghts.
Google devices etc.
Nmap settings

Seems if I bring my config folder over I can do this. Just not sure how to get the folder from supervisor?

In addition I run node red. Keen to run this outside of supervisor as well. I believe I can export and import this and as long as devices are named the same I should be fine ?

Thank you.

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For HA, take and download a backup. Inside that backup is homeassistant.tar.gz, the data/ folder in there is your config folder. Extract the contents and point the new HA Docker container at it.


Thank you do I need to do this if I just do a backup and restore? if I setup my Docker with the mapped volume correctly and then restore it should work right? Thanks again.

Yes, though the restore is manual in Docker, hence the instructions I gave :wink:

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Oh so if I’m moving to docker. I must do it manually. Got it.

migration done! thank you

I also want to move from HA OS to the docker version and I found that thread.

When I look in the homeassitant/data folder of the backup, I miss the hidden directories (.cache and .storage) I think they have to move too, don’t they?

And how does it actually work with HACS? I have installed HACS on the target system. The integrations then presumably come along via the custom_components folder, right?

HACS is an integration, so works with all methods.

Like all custom integrations the files are stored in custom_components/ and are part of the HA backup.

Check the settings of the tool you’re using to inspect that folder. Probably you’ve not set it to show hidden files and folders.

Oh man. How stupid and sorry.

Mac → Finder → command + shif + .

And here they are.


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OK, I transferred the homeassistant.tar.gz file from the unpacked backup to my Docker host using the scp command, unpacked it there and moved the content to the configuration folder that is specified as the volume for the HA container.

Started the container and there is my Home Assistant :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now I only get two errors in the log, which are understandable, but I don’t know how to fix them.

I probably have to remove something in some file, but what and where?

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HA in docker: hassio & raspberry-pi: invalid config - #4 by petro may help