Migrate HA to new system

I don’t have experience with PROXMOX, but I recently moved my HA core installation to a new location on the same machine.

Initially it did not work using a simple “cp” command on the directory (HA started with the new user welcome screen). However, using rsync with the “-a” flag set did work. HA restarted using the new directory as if nothing happened. It could have been a permissions preservation issue or missed hidden files, but worth checking your method of copying.

Hi Dennis,

Did you find a fix for this?
I seem to be facing the same issue. Migrated from raspi to an odroid N2+. All addons (drive backup, Z-wave, mosquitto, SSH, …) refuse to start and/or update.

Thanks in advance!

Actually, funny thing… I didn’t migrate at all after running into numerous issues like I outlined, so I put that on hold. So now, months later, I have two options that I might move into, and I’ll update with what I decide to do:

  1. I have a Pi 5 with an NVME drive attached, and it’s running HA but not doing anything.
  2. I also have a small mini-PC that’s more powerful than the Pi but it’s Intel based, so that might be challenging.

I’m shooting for #2 since it’s a nice new PC that I am not using (sort of like a NUC) and I’d rather have it run on that although I’m sure the Pi5 would do just fine (I mean, the system I have now is all running fine on a Pi 4 as far as I can tell).