Migrate to home assistant

Just a question.
I would love to switch from Pimatic to Home Assistant.
I now have the ESP8266 that ESPimatic is running on.
Is there a way to use this with Home Assistant.


Could you provide a linkt to what ESPimatic is? In general, ESP-devices are capable of communicating via MQTT, which Home Assistant has support for.

Hi @Jaden_Knoops, Welcome to HA!
I do know nothing about Pimatic/ESPimatic, but according to the wiki, there’s a simple WebAPI, and so it should work in HA too.

I don’t know it this works, but maybe give it a try on a new SD Card with the restful components.

Or even better i think, flash your ESP’s with @OttoWinter 's esphomelib. It’s easy to use and i’m sure you get all the help you need with it.

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This is the link
I hope you have a solution for me

I will look at esphomelib,

It probably could be somehow be manually added with REST (as VDRainer said), but his advice to flash another firmware would be the better solution.
If you don’t like esphomelib, Tasmota would be a popular alternative. Even though it has Sonoff in the name, it also works with other ESP-based devices.

Thank you,
I will try Tasmota if I do not come out I will definitely come back

Another question,
When I flash Tasmota on the ESP8266
can this work with a 433mhz transmitter and receiver.


I don’t know about such details. In general I guess the device will retain its capabilities. But you have to do the research in this case. I haven’t used Tasmota for anything else than switches yet. Just wanted to point out an alternative.

For this, take a look here:

There’s also a topic about supported 433mhz devices here: