Migrating from Raspberry Pi to QNAP Docker... Invalid Config

I’m moving Home assistant from a Raspberry pi 3b to a QNAP NAS using container station and docker.

I successfully installed the current version of home assistant and am able to open it up from my LAN.

I copied the contents of the flash drive from the raspberry pi to the configuration folder of home assistant on the NAS. I expected that there would be additional work to do since it’s running on different hardware, no longer running supervisor, etc.

So, now everything on the front end looks the exact same between the Pi and the NAS… however, I’m getting an “invalid config” error notification that says the following:

Invalid config

The following integrations and platforms could not be set up:

  • hassio (Show logs)
  • raspberry_pi (Show logs)

Please check your config and logs.

The error logs show the following:

Setup failed for raspberry_pi: (DependencyError(…), ‘Could not setup dependencies: hassio’) 10:33:09 AM – (ERROR) setup.py

Unable to set up dependencies of raspberry_pi. Setup failed for dependencies: hassio 10:33:09 AM – (ERROR) setup.py

Setup failed for hassio: Integration failed to initialize. 10:33:04 AM – (ERROR) setup.py

Missing SUPERVISOR environment variable 10:33:04 AM – (ERROR) hassio

Can anyone tell me how to proceed? I can start from scratch and only copy select items if that will be easier.

Hassio and HAOS are not available in docker. Supervised is not available for docker install.

Its trying to setup the supervised integrations. If HA is running you dont need to worry about the message but somewhere in your config you need tonremove the info related to supervised integrations

I figured it out by going into .storage/core.config_entries and removing all instances of raspberry pi