Missing sensor in energy dashboard

Hello, can someone explain to me why I can’t see this sensor in the energy dashboard?

- sensor:
         - name: v2
           unique_id: "BalkonsolarBackToGridSensorWatts"
           state_class: total_increasing
           icon: mdi:transmission-tower
           unit_of_measurement: kWh
           device_class: energy
           state: "{{states('sensor.tasmota_power_total_in') | float()}}"


Why are you duplicating sensor.tasmota_power_total_in?

There is no need to do this if all it needs is a device and or state class. Just use customize to add these.


because the energy dashboard only supports sensors with following settings:

The sensor.tasmota_power_total_in is not displayed in the energy dashboard because it lacks the necessary attributes.

Which is why I told you how to fix that:

Your suggestion helps me to implement one less sensor, but it doesn’t address the issue of selecting the sensor in the energy dashboard. Now there should be two sensors to choose from.

It should. If you give the sensor the correct attributes.

Please share what you have done.

I don’t understand what you mean by this:

the duplicated and the customized sensor should be here.

And here we are back at the initial question.

And you should really read the Community Guide, if you expect people to understand what you are doing

How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question.

PS: Have you scrolled through your huge list, or used the search field ? ( Your pic shows files sorted alphabetic ! ) name: v2 , sensor:zur

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sorry, im new and im still learning. but your hint helps :smiley:
So, the line with the unique_id removed, and there it is…the sensor.

ofc i scrolled… not so new.

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