Missing Text to speach option on google home mini

I am unsure when this disappeared, but it was recently. I used to have an option to type a message and send it to a speaker. I no longer have this option, I was like this…


Now it is like this…


I can’t seem to find this media browser or media browser panel.


I have this in configuration.yaml

  - platform: google_translate

It appears within Text to Speech in Media.

In the lower right hand corner you select the speaker to play the TTS message.

If you are not even seeing the Media icon in the main menu then it implies your configuration.yaml file isn’t using default_config: option. If that’s the case then you will need to add the media_source: option.

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I will look into this thank you so much.

Also gone from HomePods using the AppleTV integration, so it looks like a new design change for speaker type devices as a whole.

Unfortunately this has broken the ability to use tts on any of my 3 HomePods. Only one shows a media browser link on its Lovelace card. Selecting the media browser will cause and endless wait state.

That same HomePod is the only one listed in tts via the media menu mentioned above. But when selecting this speaker device as the speaker for tts after first selecting the Google tts icon (which is totally counter intuitive) an apps tab appears with a wait spinner that keeps going endlessly.

If doing this via the iOS app, after that it’s impossible to use that media menu to select anything at all until the app is forced closed and restarted.


I had default_config: commented out, but a few of the sub integrations defined, This resolved my issue, Thank you @123

You’re welcome!

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Did I understand you correctly that if you commented out “default_config” then you had your TTS available again in the MediaPlayer?!

I noticed last night that I no longer have a TTS at this point.
Only if I put it in the front of the cart at Lovelace. That doesn’t look good (I think).

I’m also missing all my echoes in “media_source”.

No, that’s how you break things in HA.

The option for TTS is gone from cards, no changes in the configuration can bring that back.

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That is correct, I had previously had “default_config” commented out but manually specified the integrations I was interested in. I did not, however, have “media_source” integrated enabled. This caused my TTS to stop working. Uncommenting out “default_config” allowed all of the default set of integrations for Home Assistant to load. Default Config - Home Assistant

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