Mitsubishi MELCLOUD integration with Home Assistant

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Will this great component be included in home assistant as standard soon? :slight_smile:

Also where you able to check if its possible for adjustment for vane vertical and horizontal?


Those Mitsubishi wifi units are VERY expensive. For a lot less you can make your own.

It is already communicating with MQTT so I think implementation should be possible. (I was going to say easy, but that word should never be used by non programmers).


Mitsubishi wifi (Melcloud) is included on all the new models (Kaiteki) here in Norway. Still same price as previous models.


Is this a issue on the latest hass 0.71 version or some breaking changes?


@o0Zz congrats on developing ha-melcloud! Works like a charm! :sunglasses:

I noticed, however, that “Dry” mode and “Fan” are not available on HomeKit even if they’re correctly recognized on web interface (Non attivo = Off, Caldo = Heat, Freddo = Cool, Automatico = Auto). Am I missing something?


Looks like this component is not working with Python 3.7.0? I see 3.7 is final version now so I updated Hassbian Python version and this was the only component I have that stopped working.

File “/srv/homeassistant/lib/python3.7/site-packages/homeassistant/”, line 146, in _async_setup_component
component.setup, hass, processed_config) # type: ignore
AttributeError: module ‘custom_components.climate’ has no attribute ‘setup’


Mitsubishi wifi (Melcloud) is NOT included on all the new models.

HeatPump - Arduino library to control Mitsubishi Heat Pumps via connector cn105

Very easy, work like a charm.


I have just bought a google home mini and I am using Melcloud for my air conditioning. Please, could you tell me what should I do to control Air conditioning with Home Assistant?
you very much!!!fit strong text


@o0Zz Thank you very much for your work. I’m realy like the integration in HASS.

The only thing missing is the vane control. Any change you can integrate that?



The melcloud component stopped working in Homekit for me (it works fine in Home Assistant). In the Home app It shows up, but values never sync with melcoud (all units appear as off). I’ve tried deleting and adding again the Home Assistan hub in Homekit, with same results. Any ideas? Thanks!


@Dennis87 did you get it to work with python 3.7?


No I did go back to Python 3.6.6.
Maybe someone can Fork this project and fix Pyton 3.7 issue, add vane control and then include it in Home Assistant as a official component. Dont look like user o0Zz is active anymore?

Can try myself, just have to learn Python first :stuck_out_tongue: Also looks like vane control is not reverse engineered?


So what is latest status of MelCloud? Is it working? Could I use 3 inside climates on same HA installation?


I added mine today and it works great! Downgraded from Python 3.7 to 3.6.6.


OK… In 14 days I will get climates and probably I will need help. but I will try…

Do you have any screenshot how GUI of climate looks in HA?


It’ll look like any other home assistant climate component.


Hi Guys. Any idea of when MelCloud component will be fully integrated within Home Assistant ? I’ve been using the custom component since day 1 and it works perfectly… just wondering…


Not until someone submits a pull request on github.


how is that done ? How can we push this ??



I just updated the code in order to support “Vane Vertical Control” as requested by many users.
Let me know if it works on your side.

I will try to do a pull request this week if this new feature works on everyone.

FYI: Vane Horizontal Control is also supported but I didn’t find any way to provide them to HA. If anyone knows a pluging which support vertical and horizontal at the same time, let me know.

I will have a look of python 3.7 issue.