mmWave Wars: one sensor (module) to rule them all

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I just realised that there is a 2nd version of LD2410, it’s called LD2410B the B = Bluetooth. Can debug and I think config using Bluetooth with an app.

Edit: Maybe no Bluetooth on board, I don’t see where they would place the Bluetooth be from the pics. I’ll contact them and update.

I got info from HLK: “LD2410B could connect by BLe”

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@blakadder Thanks for the info, I suspect it is just a firmware update for the LD2410 to LD2410B. But my suspicion is only based on looking at the pics of the board.

According to HLK, they provide the app to connect to LD2410B. I’ll be ordering a few to test out the app they provide.
CleanShot 2022-08-29 at 15.59.35
*searching for HLKRadarTools on Google Play Store does not work for me. The app is in Chinese, I have to confirm with them if there is an English version.

CleanShot 2022-08-29 at 16.04.46

This probably should count as a preregistration :slight_smile: Really neat write up, thanks for sharing!

Good call. I needed to capture my thoughts so I wouldn’t forget what I was doing… …lol :slight_smile:

So I am just jumping on board the mmWave craze and trying to do my research. I heard these sensors can see through walls and was wondering if anyone tried it yet and how reliable is it? The reason why I ask is I hate seeing sensors mounted throughout my how and was thinking I could mount a bunch of these in the basement point up and in my attic pointing down in a grid like fashion.

Also has anyone tried to incorporate a bunch of these into a localization resolving solution similar to ESPresence’s IPS App Daemon?


Andreas makes great videos.

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Are there any caveats using the HLK-LD2410B over the HLK-LD2410?

The HLK-LD2410B is cheaper to my country when shipped and plan to use it with the YAML posted above for the HLK-LD2410.


I have both, the only difference is that the LD2410B has Bluetooth, which allows you to change the sensitivity setting via the mobile app.

Oh yeah, one more small thing. The LD2410B I ordered did not come with any header pins. HLK said the header pins were out of stock, so I had to order the pins elsewhere and soldered it on myself.

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Perfect! I’ll order the LD2410B. Thanks!

Does anyone know what the app is called or does anyone have a link to it?

Here is the link HLK provided me for the Android App : HLKRadarTool

There is currently only Chinese version, they said the English version is still in development.

I used Google Lens to translate the screenshot of the app:


the 1.27mm converter looks great, did you manufacture it by your self or is there a online store that sell them?

Pretty handy eh…

@DariBer Designed by me, manufactured by JLCPCB… Let me check how many I still have.


Let me know and I’ll pay for them and shipping.
Or if you sent to share the files and I can order from some company that manufactures PCB