Modern Forms Smart Fans - Integration

If you read back through this thread, you’ll find out that you are not alone with the MFFs locking up after a period of time. It appears as if it’s a wide-spread issue.

It has gotten better with my fans over the last 9 or so months, which I attribute to the firmware updates, as well as apparently very well written HA core integration.

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When I first got the fan the remote and HA controls worked fine. But something happened now I can’t use the physical remote any more. It seems like WAC wants me to power cycle the fan to repair the remote.

But I don’t really want to turn the circuit off outside to do that. Anyone know another way?

Unpairing it by holding the light + and the fan + then repairing it by holding the light button and the fan button does not work.

Are you saying that your fan doesn’t have a physical wall switch to simply turn off and then back on?

Curious how stable this integration is… anyone provide an update on if restarts are still required? Is it on the fan side or HA?

100% stable now. I haven’t had issues for the past two years and I have 4 fans.

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I have been using this for over six months now with two fans.

Disconnecting several times. The last one kept disconnected for several hours and required powering off the fan.
It has nothing to do with the integration. It simply loses wifi connection. Signal is not that strong but what can you expect when the fan wifi is in a metal enclosure?


I own two of WAC’s smart fans. I specifically purchased these for their smart capabilities as I read they work well with Home Assistant via the Modern Forms integration. After installing them, I encountered an issue where the fan connects and everything works fine for about a week, and then stops responding and appears offline. The fan is still connected to my WiFi (I can see it on my router) but it won’t respond to pings or commands to operate the fan. I had to shut off the power to the fan for a few seconds and turn it back on to force it to reboot, and then the fan will come back online and will work perfectly fine for about another week. Both of my fans did this same thing at random times, so I know it’s a firmware issue and not something with my network. Working with support was tedious. It took 8 months and 73 emails but finally the issue has been resolved by way of them releasing a firmware update around March 2024. The fans have now been stable and I am pleased with them again. If anyone is still having issues with them, make sure your firmware on the fan is up to date.


TLDR: No more network disconnects… Thank you

I can’t believe I finely found the answer to solve this issue where my MF fans drop wifi and needi to be rebooted daily…

I got a instant dopamine release when I plugged this code into my YAML file and ran the RESTful command and saw my fans disconnect & reconnect to the network.

Thank you guys so much… You have no idea how many hundreds of google searches I’ve done regarding this issue.

I have no idea what update the guy above me got but my MF fans have been disconnecting for years and no updates have come close to fixing it. Currently I’m on Firmware Version: 20.00.0040

Here is the code I’m running in July 2024

configuration.yaml :

    url: ""
    method: POST
      content_type: "application/json; charset=utf-8"


alias: Reboot MF Fans
description: ""
  - platform: time_pattern
    hours: /8
condition: []
  - service: rest_command.reboot_mf_lr_fan
    data: {}
mode: single

And as a bonus…
Incase anyone is also looking for an answer to Modern Forms Breeze Mode through Home Assistant, I found that too.

Breeze Mode On:

    url: ""
    method: POST
      content_type: "application/json; charset=utf-8"
    payload: '{"wind": true}'

Breeze Mode Off:

    url: ""
    method: POST
      content_type: "application/json; charset=utf-8"
    payload: '{"wind": false}'

Ah! This cleared up my code. However, I still am having problems putting this into a restful toggle switch to turn Breeze Mode on and off. Do you have any suggestions for this? Thanks!