Modern looking wired thermostat with control and display


I’m looking for recommendations of wired thermostats with a display showing measured and set temperature.

This is for a new building, actually a small guest house with 8 rooms + living room and probably some more thermostats.

Obviously, it must integrate with HA and temperature control must be supported from this thermostat, as well as HA. Guests would use thermostat panel and I would use Home Assistant.

The building does not exist yet, I’m in the design phase so I thought no need to go on wireless option since there’s not problem to have the needed cables in place and it should be more reliable this way and avoid battery changing. There will also be other systems like door lock, fire detection etc. So things might get crowded on wifi options, that’s another reason I’m thinking cable.



I had been looking a long time for somethink like this too, but I didn’t find anything appropriate, so I built my own. But it doesn’t sound like that is what you want.

I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty, but looks are important here. So a DIY solution might not be so good looking.

I’m starting to think of a wall mounted tablet locked into kiosk mode and limited access to that one room, but that’s a topic for another thread.

I’m doing some homework in the meanwhile.

If you go Insteon then all of their thermostats are wired. I used the Venstar’s for years before moving to Nest.

You might have a look at this project below. Short of spending the bucks on a high end Crestron or similar you are is a real gap in the home automation space. I watched some other small companies and products come and mostly go, but none seem to offer the right combo of features. That is what is interesting about the project cited. While it does not meet your ‘wired’ requirement directly, adding a RS-485, would be a ‘doable’ option without too much pain. The ‘cat’s meow’ would be the HASPone project with POE Ethernet. Wiring a new build with POE ethernet is a nice option. However a RS485 network around a new build would not be awful. Modifying the HASPone with the RS485 board would keep in the hillbilly electronics world :wink: however would allow some more compatible fit and finish with ‘normal’ home in wall components. Good hunting!
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Here is my MQTT PoE Thermostat, but I think it won’t match the level of elegance you’re looking for… :wink:

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