Monitor Windows PC without a client?


I want to monitor my Windows (11) computers at home from Home-Assistant (drive space, memory, ect ect). I know there is a lot of clients that can be installed that is pushing data to home-assistant, but I want a solution that don’t involve some extra software running on the PC.

I am somewhat experienced in PowerShell, and i know i can use that on a server to get the information I want from the desired remote computer, and then update sensors in ha with it.
This can work, but then I need a running environment for this on top of home-assistant.
(If here is no way to run PowerShell in Home-Assistant?)
Node-Red is also a possibility

Does windows run ssh-server? (If not, it is somewhat of an outlier in operating systems)

There is, but that’s likely irrelevant, as your powershell scripts will use Windows specifics service (CIM?) to obtain data from remote computers.

Look for ways to retrieve WMI data from Linux…

Looks like it is

There you are then, a commandline sensor :wink:

I found this link post some info: SSH'ing from a command line sensor or shell command
I think it will work, but looks like it will take a lot of time to get going, (and that I don’t have)

So, after a little thinking I have an idea:

  1. Make a powershell script on the computers drive eg c:\scrips\update_homeassistant.ps1
  2. Make it run every x minute by task scheduler
    Like this: How to run PowerShell scripts with Windows Task Scheduler - Flemming's Blog
  3. Edit the script to collect data and send to Home-Assistant
    Like in Monitoring VMware ESXi in Home-Assistant with PowerShell - Flemming's Blog
    Maybe with

Seems pretty cumbersome, if you ask me.

I understand you don’t want to add additional software (although the SSH server will be additional anyway), but I’d go with telegraf (Telegraf Open Source Server Agent | InfluxData) with mqtt json output myself…

Found this one, might work in the add-on? :cowboy_hat_face:

If i use WMI data