Monitoring my PiHole Raspberry Pi


hopefully this is the correct category here…

I want to monitor my (second) Raspberry Pi which runs PiHole.
So i tried to install glances as found this in the supported integrations list and start it.
Unfortunately, glances stopped with an error “port already in use”. Found this to be used with PiHole (using netstat command).

I use another RPi as i do not want to interrupt internet lookups when i do on my hass installation. So using an add-on on my hass installation would currently NOT be an option.

Anyone an idea what to do?
Thanks in advance!

I’m running pihole on a second pi and use glances to monitor it in home assistant. I don’t remember there being a port conflict. I forget the number, but the glances webserver should only need access to one port, and it should be one that pihole is not using.

Just saw glances can be configured to use a different port. Will try that.
So i can atleast use rest platform tocheck the data.

Here’s a nice alternative to glances that uses less resources, but provides less information.

You’re solution won’t work on a HASSOS install on a Pi will it (because we can’t install anything ourselves)?

I’m looking for a solution to monitor my Pi for the ‘easy’ install using HASSOS (if that is possible). Are you aware of any such solution? I’m currently going through my search list of links here. Thanks.

I don’t think so. I use glances as well for my Home Assistant machine because it provides a lot of monitored conditions out of the box and the load is not that high as far as I remwmber. I just use the script on my Pi Zero W’s (network, presence detection etc) around the house because it’s more lightweight and I don’t need a lot of details about these instances.

Love it. I’ll give it a try this weekend. My one hang up with glances is how resource intensive it is. Thanks for sharing.