I had moon-phases working with YAML Configuration prior to the latest upgrade.
Has YAML Configuration been removed for moon-phases?

The configuration of the Moon integration changed from YAML to UI in the April 2022 release of Home Assistant.

OK … YAML was more flexible than UI … no value added with the change

For the Moon integration, what was more flexible about YAML configuration?

no value added with the change

One advantage is that you don’t have to restart Home Assistant to install the Moon integration (or restart to remove the Moon integration).

I had in YAML following …

        friendly_name: ' '
        value_template: >-
          {% set phases = {'first_quarter': 'Tilltagande halvmåne', 'full_moon': 'Fullmåne',
                           'last_quarter': 'Avtagande halvmåne', 'new_moon': 'Nymåne',
                           'waning_crescent': 'Avtagande månskära', 'waning_gibbous': 'Avtagande gibbousmåne',
                           'waxing_crescent': 'Tilltagande månskära', 'waxing_gibbous': 'Tilltagande gibbousmåne'} %}
          {% set phase = states('sensor.moon') %}
          {{ phases[phase] if phase in phases.keys() else 'Error' }}

How can I get them to UI?

Maybe Custom-UI can help out?

What you posted isn’t the Moon integration. It’s a Template Sensor that references sensor.moon.

You’re confusing YAML configuration of the Moon integration with YAML configuration of a Template Sensor. Currently there’s no support for Template Sensor configuration via the UI, only via YAML.

I read the documentation for Templates … still confused but at a higer level.

I translated moon phases to swedish with replace (as below) and it worked OK
Now I want to use mdi: icon but don’t see how.

  • platform: template

    friendly_name: ‘’
    value_template: >-
    {{ states (‘sensor.moon_phase’) | replace(“first_quarter”, “Tilltagande halvmåne”) | replace(“full_moon”, “Fullmåne”) …
    icon_template: mdi:moon-???

Take ‘full-moon’ as an example.
The mdi site tells me that the name is ‘moon-full’ but when I check with dev tool in HA it gives me for sensor.moon_phases following:


  • first_quarter
  • full_moon
  • last_quarter
  • new_moon
  • waning_crescent
  • waning_gibbous
  • waxing_crescent
  • waxing_gibbous

Clearly there is a difference in names ‘full_moon’ and ‘moon-full’.
How should icon_template: mdi:moon-??? look like?

I suggest you create a Template Sensor in modern format (not legacy format).


  - sensor:
      - name: Månfaser
        state: >
          {% set phase = states('sensor.moon_phase') %}
          {{ { 'new_moon': 'Nymåne',
               'waxing_crescent': 'Tilltagande månskära',
               'first_quarter': 'Tilltagande halvmåne',
               'waxing_gibbous': 'Tilltagande gibbousmåne',
               'full_moon': 'Fullmåne',
               'waning_gibbous': 'Avtagande gibbousmåne',
               'last_quarter': 'Avtagande halvmåne', 
               'waning_crescent': 'Avtagande månskära' }.get(phase, phase) }}
        icon: >
          mdi:moon-{{ states('sensor.moon_phase').replace('_', '-').replace('-moon', '') }}


In the future, it may not be necessary to create a Template Sensor to translate the Moon sensor (sensor.moon_phase). What is missing is for someone to translate the English moon phases into Swedish and submit it to Home Assistant’s translation tables.

For more information refer to the following:

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Thanks for your support … it works like a Swiss clock

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You’re welcome!

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