Moon sensor - more information?

First - thanks to the many hard working and clever people that have made HA to what it is. And yet we constantly demand more… :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks also for making the moon sensor. But, would it be possible to add some more information to it? My wish list:

  • Moon age (days since last new moon)
  • Next full moon (date and/or days until)
  • Next new moon (date and/or days until)

…And of course a symbol that changes with the moon phase, similar to the changing symbol of the yr-platform (

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I’ve been wanting to extract the same data. Mostly Full and New moon. I have planned on trying the examples from the Sun component, but haven’t had time yet. It would be great to get more info on how to work with this component. TL;DR “Bump”

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And % illumination.

Great that I’m not the only one with an interest in the moon sensor! But don’t forget to hit the “vote” button. :slight_smile:

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I’d like to know:

Is the moon is up right now?
Will the moon be up at midnight?

For generating alerts for good conditions for viewing night sky

The phases of the moon with Dates & Times can be retrieved from google calendars.

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And if you want illumination, I just recently asked for and received an update to the DarkSky sensor for moonphase.

hi, did anyone get this working with dates and times of moon phases?

I have a changing moon phase icon.

If you’re using Home Assistant Core you can use this:

This can be done with

Moon rise and moon set times would be nice, just like sun rise and sun set times.

I really like how the website Moon Giant ( is doing it. As an aside, I noticed that the moon sensor in my Home Assistant setup never shows either Full Moon or New Moon. It goes straight from Waxing to Waning Gibbous (no full moon in between) and such, but maybe that is just my setup.

This is available in the astroweather integration:

Screenshot 2021-08-22 at 20-06-17 Overview - Home Assistant


I have the same problem with it never showing full or new moon. Must be a problem with the integration.

Any movement on this request yet?

Yes, and also via Node-RED’s node-red-contrib-sun-position

New sensor in HA from NR:

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Here is my new “Moon” device and sensors in HA from node-red-contrib-sun-position.
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