More Traccar attributes

@koen01 @masterkenobi --> I have had confirmation from @ludeeus that there is no further work planned on the official component.

Would you like to work together on replacing the official with the original custom component that had loads more attributes etc? To me this is now pretty much stalled unless we use the custom component which I am not a fan of as I would like to use official components…


there are no official components via hacs

apologies… the official official component:

You said not a fan of custom components, yet that’s all HACS does install

ok, I think everyone gets the gist… there was an original custom component that I would like to use as the official component as it had loads more attributes…

There are:

  1. Official components
  2. HACS components
  3. Other custom components

I want to avoid 3 above… yea?

But there isn’t 3types. Numbers 2 and 3 are the same, HACS just installs them for you nothing more it doesn’t maintain them other than installing the updates. They can be the same component.
BTW, just saw you from Jersey. is that channels island one, originally from GSY here

numbers 2 and 3 are not the same. You can have a custom comoponent that is not maneageable via hacs (it does not include the manifet etc…) yes Jersey… .so not sure why I need a tracker in the first place :wink:

sorry for responding so late. I’m pretty much swamped in work due to covid-19.
also practically in lockdown so no using the cars at all at the moment…

Does my component even work with latest home assistant core? havent used it in a while…