Mosquitto Broker - Not in add-ons?

Excuse the absolute nOOb question, but I don’t see mosquitto broker in the add-ons section either via the web dash or iOS app. I also see no mention of any other repos relating too it, and the default community repo doesn’t seem to include it. All documentation and guides all relate to older versions of hass-io, where the supervisor tab existed and addons are installed via that. I assume (and please correct me) that the new configure tab which contains the addons store is the equivalent… any help would be appreciated

Should be here:

But there is an issue with the supervisor at the moment. What version are you on?

Thanks for the response,
Core version 2022.4.4
Supervisor 2022.04.0, stable channel.
Running on Rpi 3B

Appreciate the help.

Interestingly I don’t see many of those addons in your screenshot.

Yeah. It’s the Supervisor issue.

You can either wait for the next stable release which should fix this or join the beta program (on the Supervisor System page) and install the 2022.04.2 beta version of the supervisor that fixes this. It is very stable. I’ve had no issues.

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Awesome will give that a try - appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Changing to the beta channel, and updating worked a charm -
Supervisor 2022.04.2 (and the updated core to 2022.4.5), now have all the Addons.

Much appreciated @tom_l


running on a rpi 3 :
Home Assistant 2023.1.7
Supervisor 2022.12.1
Operating System 9.4

suddenly addons were disappeared (i finnaly re-add community addons by using the GitHub - hassio-addons/repository: Home Assistant Community Add-ons with no “s” at https ) BUT there is no MOsquitto broker !! where can i find it?

Please open a new topic rather than necroposting on an unrelated 9 month old topic.