Mosquitto error

Good afternoon everyone.
When I try to install the mosquitto broker in debian I get an error.
Home Assistant if it has been installed correctly, and to test it I installed the broker on another computer, but it is not a valid solution, I want to have both on the same computer.

To help, we need to know more about your setup.

Personally, I’ve run both a separate MQTT install and a HASS Add-In, and suggest the latter is easier to get working. You’re better off asking Debian forums for a standalone install - there’s a lot in the config file to get wrong.

I’d also suggest not posting screenshots (they are a pain to read), and use test with code fences instead.

Here’s a walk through of MQTT installation and configuration for HASS:

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Thanks for the answer, I will find a way not to put screenshots.

HA is installed from docker, mqtt directly in debian, the configuration file is the one that the installer creates by default, it’s not that it has stopped working, it has never worked… I will try the installation as add-in, thanks.