Motion-activated Light-brightness

Updated blueprint, in the last drawing, combined all the previous features (using only brightness, using color or color temperature), and also added the ability to select the transition time to turn on and off, the ability to dim the light, dim then turn off, or just turn off, also added more sensors (movement, door, occupancy, opening, moving, presence)

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

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Hi There, just testing this blueprint and its really great as it has everything I was trying to do. One item I’m trying to achieve and checking if its possible.

Is there a way for it to not activate automatically during the day time, I tried setting the brightness for day to 0 however if motion triggers than it turns the light off.

Also is there a way to enable a condition so if the light is already on than dont change the brightness? i.e. if im in the room and adjust the brightness and the motion triggers it will reset the brightness according to the automation.

Good afternoon, yes, I can quite add a choice so that automation does not turn on during the daytime, also in general it can be done so that the brightness is not adjusted if the light is already on, but the light-off parameters will have to be left as it was, otherwise the light will not turn off, you can also use other automation, in which, according to the necessary conditions, it is simply will you turn this automation template off and on

That would be awesome for the day choice and the leave it alone if its already on.
A good idea of using another automation to toggle this the automation but that would stop the light off parameters.

I updated the last blueprint a little, now if an error occurred at one of the stages, the code will still continue to work and perform automation on dimming and turn off, I had this problem on one of the wleds when everything worked when the light was turned on, but the automation gave an error and stopped working and the light remained on, now this is fixed, and even if an error occurs somewhere, automation will still try to turn off the light

is there a way to use this with a presence mmwave sensor?

I’ve created an automation based on “Motion-activated Light-brightness” and, no matter which value I set into no_motion_wait_day, the light shuts off after exactly 4 minutes!..
Is there something else that I need to set?

I’m new to HA, and this is my first use of a blueprint. It’s outstanding - does almost everything I need to replace a legacy automation in place on another platform. I’ll add the bump to see if dusk/dawn or sun elevation could be used instead of the hard-coded time. That would make it perfect!

I would also love to see a version where you could disable it during the day. I’m using it to run outdoor lighting, which does not need to be motion activated during the daytime.

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@Aleks130699 Any idea how to use this blueprint as a night light only? I’ve set the day brightness to “1”. But even then, it will still light up.

Just was wondering if anyone could help here, looking for a blueprint that could do just about the same as this one.
Been hunting one down for days
Motion is detected light goes to 100%(slider selectable) returns to a set value after no motion is detected 30%(slider selectable), but does not turn it off.
the ability to activate it during certain times

easy, set Day brightness to zero and it won’t turn on the light during this day period

Hi Aleks,
Great blueprint, love it. I do have instances where entities are are set as light and others as switches. I could convert a switch to a light using a helper but I am trying to clean the helpers as much as possible as my system was getting heavy.
when I try to tweak your code to replace the light service for the switch, it won’t work. I tried really hard but didn’t figure out why it doesn’t work.

As change you could create a version for Switches?

Hi @Aleks130699 ,

I would really like to try your blueprint, but I am getting an error when importing with the forum URL:


Other blueprints work as expected. Is there anything you can do?


Most likely, your motion sensor keeps the detected status for 4 minutes, blueprint start counting down from the moment the sensor switches to the not detected status

This automation is intended only for light sources that support brightness adjustment, for switch type sources, it cannot work, it is better to use another automation or create it yourself, it will be very simple, I myself for such sources