Motion sensor re-trigger


I spent the night investigating how I could re-trigger my motion sensor in an automation or script.
My setup so far looks like:

If motion detected → check if its night (or dark due to closed covers) and then run a script which turns on ambient light in the kitchen and switch it off after 4 mins again.

It works fine but it’s pretty inflexible because if I need to do nurse my coffee machine in the early morning it could easily take more than 4 minutes. On the other hand, if I get up during night and just go down for a glass of water it takes not more than 30 secs.

Du you have a good approach/blue print how I can retrigger the sensor time? It would be ideal if the light turns out after 2 mins without motion.

i.e. The ambient light is also used by default wall switches and during daytime/evening.

Thanks for your hints in advance

you might try using a blueprint like htis:

your question is a very common one for motion detection.

if you must do it by hand, the typical thing isn’t to turn the light off 4 minutes after detecting motion, but instead to do it 4 minutes (or however long you want) after detecting no motion.


Also, in addition the great advice given, you can set your automation to re-run if it detects motion again after the sensor goes off. For me I set my sensors to be 2 minutes, and I use 3 minutes as my time-out, but if motion is detected again before the timeout it just starts back at 3 minutes again.

Thanks a lot for your hints here. Sometimes it’s impressive how easy things can go if somebody pushes you towards the right direction.
It works perfect now.